Busselton and Bunbury go-live with BOSSnet Scanning and eForms

BusseltonBusselton and Bunbury Hospitals in the South West region of the Western Australian Country Health Service (WACHS) are now contributing to the State-wide BOSSnet EMR.

Busselton Hospital went live with BOSSnet Scanning and eForms in February, followed by Bunbury Hospital in April. In addition to this, a further 12 hospitals in the South West region all have read access to the State-wide record.

The implementation of BOSSnet was staged, with all 14 hospitals in the region gaining read-access to the State-wide record in October last year, ahead of full implementation at the 2 largest hospitals in early 2017.  All inpatient and outpatient progress notes are being directly entered into the BOSSnet EMR using its eForm capability, with more eForms to be progressively implemented in the coming months.

Direct benefits are already being realised, particularly as patients are transferred from Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, out to South West regional hospitals, and vice versa.

Medical Co-Director at Fiona Stanley Hospital, Dr Hannah Seymour said “It is great to be able to reassure my patients that as soon as they arrive back to their South West hospital, their treating clinical team will have immediate access to their Fiona Stanley record, and be able to continue treatment being 100% informed about what occurred during their stay”.  “It is also a huge benefit to me having instant access to my patients Bunbury record when they are transferred to Fiona Stanley Hospital” said Dr Seymour.

“We are very pleased to have two more hospitals contributing to the State-wide BOSSnet EMR in WA” said Dr Rohan Ward, Managing Director, Core Medical Solutions. “Clinical staff are already seeing the benefits of instant and comprehensive access to their patients records as they are transferred between hospitals”, said Dr Ward.

Congratulations to the BOSSnet Project Team and all South West WACHS staff for all their hard work and efforts in ensuring such successful go-lives at both hospitals.