eForms Development Team

BOSSnet eForms Logo_RGB_LRThe Core Medical Solutions (CMS) eForm Development Service was launched last year to assist hospitals in expanding their use of BOSSnet eForms. Although BOSSnet sites have the ability to build their own eForms, feedback told us that as they were increasing their use of eForms, the demand for more and more from clinical staff was difficult to keep up with.  The service was launched to help address this gap and provide hospitals with a means for rapid development and deployment of eForms.

The eForms Development Service has been in such high demand since the launch that we are proud to be expanding the team further to 3FTE. CMS have developed over 500 eForms in BOSSnet across sites and we’re working on a further 300 in the pipeline which will include full Coronary Care Unit forms, ED, complex observation charts and a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient eForms.

There are many benefits to the eForms Development Service such as:

  • The team can provide assistance with the scoping phase of eForm design, offering further insight into the most appropriate methods to deliver a clinical outcome using eForms
  • The team are experts in the full capabilities of the eForm environment producing high quality, attractive and user friendly eForms
  • The team will work with technical staff and end users to ensure appropriate and functional clinical workflows for eForm use
  • After finalised eForms are handed over, they can be deployed, supported and modified by customers in the future, without any further input by CMS.

CMS are excited to be further expanding the eForms Development Team and are pleased to be assisting hospitals to rapidly deploy eForms.

To find out more about the eForms Development Service, please contact Narelle Portakiewicz

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