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Core Medical Solutions is a leading provider of EMR solutions throughout Australia.

Our strong reputation has been built from a deep understanding of the Australian hospital environment and the development of BOSSnet as an intuitive, robust and affordable suite of software applications for health organisations.

Proven over the last 15 years and now in over 90 Australian hospitals and growing, BOSSnet enhances healthcare delivery and responsiveness.

BOSSnet is a flexible, affordable, intuitive EMR solution which delivers health information to support clinical decision making and health information management.


The flexible, adaptable, intuitive EMR solution

BOSSnet is a comprehensive clinical information system which provides an innovative, flexible and powerful electronic medical record (EMR) solution. It is a customisable, intuitive and adaptive EMR which makes daily clinical practice easier by enabling greater speed and quality in capturing and distributing health information. View our key features to learn more.

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Key Features of BOSSnet EMR Solution


BOSSnet is customisable to allow flexible, affordable implementation as a standalone EMR solution or an integrated application.


To allow hospitals to customise their deployment strategy to suit budget and hospital health information needs.


Provides clinicians with comprehensive patient health information for faster, accurate diagnosis leading to better patient outcomes.


Intuitive and clever suite, loaded with inbuilt and user generated functionality to maximise data capture, interoperability and usability.


Integrates with legacy information systems or can be developed as a comprehensive EMR solution.


Cost effective and affordable solutions mean that you can start your journey towards an enterprise EMR solution today.


BOSSNet is a web based application that is intuitive, user friendly and can be used anywhere, desktop, tablet or mobile.


Accessible, responsive, ongoing support and comprehensive training.

To learn more about the BOSSnet application suite or which product would suit your hospital or health service needs view the product suite summary or contact us.

Benefits of working with us

Hospitals and healthcare service rely on Core Medical Solutions and BOSSnet to:

  • Effectively and affordably provide EMR solutions for single or multiple hospital sites
  • Develop products that are clinically proven, easy and intuitive to use
  • Enable clients to customise their deployment strategy to suit budget and healthcare needs

  • Deliver clever coding tools for effective health information management
  • Seamlessly interface with 3rd party software systems
  • Deliver critical health information to support effective clinical decision making

Contact us to discuss your hospital or health services’ specific needs, to arrange a BOSSnet product demonstration or view the BOSSnet product suite for more information.

Our Clients

BOSSnet is a proven system in over 100 Australian hospitals.
Some of our key clients include:

Our Customer Case Studies

See below a selection of case studies summarising our customer success stories. Contact us for more case studies or to discuss how we can assist your hospital's needs.