Outpatient Department Précis at Western Health

Business Challenge

As a key aspect to the Western Health mission to migrate towards the paperless hospital, electronic data entry (eForms) in BOSSnet is crucial.  Western Health identified that the outpatient department moving to eForm record had the potential to offer significant benefits in terms of efficiency, legibility and data management, but faced some resistance from outpatient clinicians who were not convinced that an electronic documentation process would improve the efficiency of their existing paper based processes.  As is typical in the outpatient setting, Western Health staff identified that rapid access to the patient historical record, and easy and efficient use of eForm would be crucial to successful migration to the paperless environment.  It was found that the normal workflow of historical record review in the paper record, based around preparation of the paper by other staff (typically nursing) on behalf of the clinician was a barrier to uptake. In order to achieve this, they needed to provide an environment for their Clinicians that simplified processes around:


To meet the needs of Western Health Outpatient Clinicians, Core Medical Solutions recommended the BOSSnet Précis, with a specific focus on the delivery of information relevant to the outpatient setting.

The BOSSnet Précis is a snap-in that is designed to display a clinically appropriate, context relevant summary of the patient’s current state, summarising key data for the user, to assist in rapid decision making and action.  Précis are custom built (by CMS or the customer).

The Western Health Outpatient Précis includes the following lists:

The Outpatient Précis also includes clinical data fields:

The Clinician can choose to document in the progress note clinical data field, without having to launch into the progress note eForm, and once saved, this note will become an eForm progress note in the patients’ medical record.  Or alternatively, the Clinician can launch the eForm and document directly into the eForm.  There are a number of other eForm launch buttons on the Précis such as operation reports, outpatient referrals, and outpatient letter.


The implementation of the Outpatient Précis at Western Health has resulted in an increase in the rate of outpatient progress note eForms submitted, and a resultant reduction in the volume of scanned paper forms. Outpatient Clinicians now have all the information they need at their fingertips on a single screen summary view to enable quick navigation through BOSSnet, to assist decision making and treatment.  An added benefit to the Précis is the Clinicians ability to navigate their patient list in the Précis without having to do an individual UR search for each progress note.  In addition to this, Clinicians particularly like the copy and paste function to copy a patient’s past history, which has proven to be a big time saver.

The Précis is being progressively implemented across all clinical specialties at Western Health and it has been pleasing to see Clinicians embrace the use of this efficient and effective tool.


"Implementation of the OPD Précis has resulted in an increase in the use of eForms, and a decrease in the use of scanned paper forms."

Dianne Marshall
Manager, Digital Medical Record
Western Health