Paper Episode Tracking at Epworth HealthCare

Business Challenge

Epworth HealthCare required a way to track paperwork for individual admissions in BOSSnet.  They also wanted to identify the time taken from when documents are ready to be scanned, until they are visible in the patient record.  As a private hospital, coding of episodes must be streamlined in order to deliver the highest revenue in the shortest time, and tracking the delivery of paperwork to the department helped to ensure that records could be scanned and coded sooner. This functionality is not something that was available in their patient administration system (PAS).  The PAS is able to track entire hard copy medical records, but did not have the ability to track individual patient episodes.

Epworth Eastern, one of the smaller Epworth HealthCare sites, were keeping track of paper episodes manually by running a daily discharge list and going to the wards and ticking off where the episodes were.  Although this was time consuming, it was working satisfactorily for them given their size, but this process was never going to work in a larger 500 bed site like Epworth Richmond.


Core Medical Solutions (CMS) worked with Epworth HealthCare staff to deploy and enhance the Paper Tracking module of BOSSnet to meet the requirements and deliver a solution to the challenges faced by Epworth HealthCare in their expansion to the rest of the organisation. Incoming paperwork is barcode scanned and logged as being received against an episode.  This allows the health information service staff to identify whether paperwork is in the department or not, and scanned or not.

Epworth HealthCare have created various scanning locations within the health information service to allow them to track according to priority for scanning and coding.


Epworth HealthCare are now able to monitor the status of paperwork coming into the health information service.  They can track it and file it according to its priority for scanning.  Epworth HealthCare have a very refined hierarchy for scanning priority and this forms the basis for identifying which episodes need to be coded first.  The implementation of paper tracking has allowed Epworth HealthCare to streamline and more efficiently monitor paper coming into the health information service.  It saves a huge amount of time and now all sites are using this functionality.

Since Epworth HealthCare have gone live with paper episode tracking, other CMS clients have also deployed this feature to manage and monitor paper coming into their health information services.

"Paper tracking saves a huge amount of time, all of our Epworth Healthcare sites are now using it!"

Debbie Burke
HIS BOSSnet Development Manager