PCEHR at Barwon Health

Business Challenge

The Victorian Department of Health were looking to drive more content into the PCEHR (Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record) as part of their Rapid Integration Project. Barwon Health were already contributing to the PCEHR as part of NEHTA’s Wave 2 project when a consortium of vendors, including Core Medical Solutions, worked together to get discharge medications into the PCEHR. Due to the success of this project, Barwon Health were again selected for the new Rapid Integration Project which aimed at getting discharge summaries into the PCEHR.

BOSSnet discharge summaries already perform an important role at Barwon Health in the communication of hospital episodes to primary health organisations. Summaries are sent to external referrers using BOSSnet Pulse secure messaging. Transmitting BOSSnet summaries to the PCEHR would mean that these summaries could be accessed by the patient and their health care providers anywhere in the country.


Core Medical Solutions developed a mechanism that enabled the delivery of BOSSnet discharge summaries into the PCEHR according to the NEHTA specifications. BOSSnet discharge summaries adapted for this purpose could deliver more sophisticated interoperability and standardisation in line with the PCEHR objective, as opposed to the simple conversion of existing PDF discharge summaries to binary attachments. The solution deployed at Barwon Health enabled discharge summaries for participating patients, to be transmitted into their PCEHR. CMS were also able to provide clinicians with an integrated view of the PCEHR within the local BOSSnet medical record.  This integrated approach is distinct from many other PCEHR implementations that can show the PCEHR as a separate adjunct to the local medical record, but never an integrated view of both document sources as a single patient record.

The work Core Medical Solutions undertook included:


Barwon Health are 12 months post go-live for this initiative and are very pleased with its success. The work that Core Medical Solutions undertook to meet NEHTA specifications has meant that 4546 discharge summaries have been transmitted into the PCEHR. This is a great result considering the overall low subscription rate to the PCEHR. With the Government recently announcing a trial of the “opt-out” model for the PCEHR, it is expected that this figure will grow significantly as more and more of the community have a PCEHR.

"Working with Core Medical Solutions on the PCEHR project has been great. We set out to integrate Barwon Health discharge summaries into the PCEHR and in partnership with Core Medical Solutions, we delivered on that challenge."

Ann Larkins
Chief Knowledge and Information Officer
Barwon Health