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BOSSnet live at the state of the art Fiona Stanley Hospital in WA

The state-of-the-art Fiona Stanley Hospital is the first hospital in Western Australia to store patients’ medical records online, allowing access to patient information throughout the hospital, and potentially to clinicians anywhere in the state. In October, Fiona Stanley went live with the BOSSnet digital medical record, scanning and electronic forms, which will enable clinicians to… > Read More

Epworth HealthCare goes digital with BOSSnet

Victoria’s largest not-for-profit privately owned healthcare organisation, Epworth Healthcare, has completed a major rollout of the BOSSnet Digital Medical Record including implementation of eForms and deployment 25+ Kodak document scanners across the 8 Epworth hospitals. To read the full article click here

HIC 2014

Four Core Medical Solutions staff members from around the country will attend the Health Informatics Conference (HIC) in Melbourne next week. HIC gives us the opportunity to engage with current and potential clients, and suppliers and to better understand their needs and discuss and demonstrate our capabilities and future direction. With expanded rollouts to Epworth… > Read More

Epworth Healthcare and BOSSnet

Epworth Healthcare recently became the largest current installation of BOSSnet. Epworth Healthcare comprises of 7 hospitals in the Melbourne metropolitan area, is the state’s largest not-for-profit privately owned healthcare organisation, and boasts an impressive list of industry firsts: First open heart surgery facility in a private hospital in Victoria First private hospital in Australia to… > Read More

BOSSnet Q141 Release

Until recently, almost every BOSSnet customer site was utilising a different release version of the software. Core Medical Solutions are now within reach of the Support Services dream of having all current customers on the same software version with the BOSSnet Q141 (2014 – 1st quarter) release. Coinciding with this Release, CMS have also assisted… > Read More

RVEEH’s Digital Health Record

Core Medical Solutions response to RVEEH’s public RFT was chosen as the successful bid in July 2013. With a Project Team already very well rehearsed in clinical IT implementation, RVEEH are aiming to have significant back-scanning of onsite paper records completed before hospital redevelopment activity in early 2014. Beyond the redevelopment, RVEEH will continue to… > Read More

Clinical alerts in Werribee

BOSSnet client sites assembled in Werribee for the opportunity to workshop many of the issues around management of clinical alerts. Over 30 clinical, IT, business and administration representatives from took part in the knowledge and idea sharing exercises which will ultimately lead to the establishment of a uniform dataset of alerts for use by the… > Read More

Expansion across Epworth

BOSSnet DMR has been chosen as a clear winner for Victoria’s largest private hospital group and will be deployed across all Epworth sites. Epworth Healthcare are very eager to leverage the functionality offered by BOSSnet eForms, and have already developed some 80 eForms ready for live clinical use. The streamlined deployment schedule has seen Go-Live… > Read More

PCEHR Wave 2 Success

As of May 30th 2012, medication histories for more than 9,000 consenting Geelong Hospital inpatients had been uploaded directly from BOSSnet to the centralised MedView repository from – all matched against valid Individual Health Identifiers (IHI’s). This equates to some 30,000 prescribed items uploaded by hospital Doctors and a further 30,000 items uploaded by Pharmacists,… > Read More

BOSSnet Super User Forum

Many thanks go to Pauline Basilio for taking the reins and scheduling the first BOSSnet Super User group meeting on 28th June 2012 in Ballarat Base Hospital. With a steadily increasing number of health services implementing BOSSnet across Victoria, the respective project teams at each site are finding themselves in regular and ongoing contact with… > Read More