The flexible, adaptable, intuitive EMR solution

BOSSnet is a comprehensive clinical information system which provides an innovative, flexible and powerful electronic medical record (EMR) solution. It is a customisable, intuitive and adaptive EMR which makes daily clinical practice easier by enabling greater speed and quality in capturing and distributing health information. View our key features to learn more.

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Key Features of BOSSnet EMR Solution


BOSSnet is customisable to allow flexible, affordable implementation as a standalone EMR solution or an integrated application.


To allow hospitals to customise their deployment strategy to suit budget and hospital health information needs.


Provides clinicians with comprehensive patient health information for faster, accurate diagnosis leading to better patient outcomes.


Intuitive and clever suite, loaded with inbuilt and user generated functionality to maximise data capture, interoperability and usability.


Integrates with legacy information systems or can be developed as a comprehensive EMR solution.


Cost effective and affordable solutions mean that you can start your journey towards an enterprise EMR solution today.


BOSSnet is a web based application that is intuitive, user friendly and can be used anywhere, desktop, tablet or mobile.


Accessible, responsive, ongoing support and comprehensive training.

To learn more about the BOSSnet software suite or which product would suit your hospital or health service needs, view the product suite summary or Contact Us.

Leading edge technology

The BOSSnet software suite is built on leading edge technology providing a highly adaptable platform, loaded with inbuilt and user generated functionality to maximise data capture, interoperability and usability.

As well as the traditional capabilities of a fully functional EMR, BOSSnet provides numerous unique tools to deliver real advantages for client usability and effectiveness. Some examples are highlighted below.

MyHR integration

BOSSnet delivers sophisticated interoperability and standardisation in line with the MyHR objectives. BOSSnet is a leading contributor to the MyHR repository, and is tightly integrated with the MyHR record, allowing a seamless view of the patient’s MyHR documents within BOSSnet.

Clinical Coding

The coding and DRG audit process facilitated by BOSSnet, results in significant improvements to ABF reimbursements. One client boasting that since the introduction of BOSSnet, there has been a 185% increase in the coding and DRG audit yield which has led to significant additional revenue! Electronic coding queries enable Health Information Managers (HIMs) and Clinical Coders to send eForm documentation queries directly to Clinicians via email. The clinician can then launch directly into the patient record to review and respond to the query. Information added to the patient record post discharge or post clinical coding can also be easily identified allowing the HIM or Coder to go back and review the patient episode

Notifications and secure messaging

BOSSnet can automatically notify GPs and other referrers when their patient arrives in the Emergency Department, or is discharged. This is done via a secure messaging application which uses PKI encryption and is also used to deliver other clinical information to community clinicians and referrers.

Advanced Notification Events

Configurable events within BOSSnet allow sites to setup up complex processes based on real-time events, such as:

  • Closed loop order entry, results review and acknowledgements
  • Real time notification of abnormal patient results
  • Automated workflow based patient admission or document events
  • and many more.

Order Entry and Referrals

BOSSnet’s Order Entry module can be used as a comprehensive CPOE tool, allowing direct paperless order entry, for pathology, radiology and all forms of services. Sophisticated feedback tools reduce unnecessary or duplicate service requests, a costly preventable problem. Many BOSSnet sites have created paperless internal referral processes, using BOSSnet for clinicians to generate a referral and the service to manage them.


The BOSSnet eForm design environment is simple to use and allows users in your organisation to build electronic data entry forms to capture and display clinical data. eForms allow your site to transition from the paper based, to digitised to fully paperless, at a pace that suits your organisation and clinicians.

Patient SMS Appointment reminders

BOSSnet SMS messaging is a powerful tool that enables you to send SMS reminders to patients of upcoming appointments, improving patient attendance and outpatient flow. SMS can be used for many notification purposes inside of BOSSnet.

Paper episode tracking tool

Paper episode tracking allows health information service staff to identify whether paperwork is physically in the department or not, and whether it has been scanned or not. It is an impressive tool that allows you to monitor scanning

KPI’s such as:

  • Date first received, date first scanned
  • Discharge to receipt time, discharge to scan time, and receipt to scan time.

Our Customer Case Studies

See below a selection of case studies summarising our customer success stories. Contact us for more case studies or to discuss how we can assist your hospital or health services' needs.