Adelaide Pathology Partners

Locally and medically owned APP will commence roll out of a number of CMS communication technologies to further enhance the quality of service delivered to referring clinicians. BOSSnet Mobile: the very first organisation to embrace our mobile results review system is sure to win the hearts of many techno-phile referrer.

Doctors throughout APP’s catchment area will be able to interact with the BOSSnet interface via their browser enabled mobile phone, PDA or laptops regardless of their location. The users of APP’s diagnostic services will be able to extract further value from the delivered results using BOSSnet.

Not only are most recent results available, but a patient’s entire history of tests performed by APP. Physicians will be able to view ongoing results in tabular summary and also as graphs over time. PulseNET will take generated results from APP’s information system, securely encrypt them and deliver to the patient management software used by referring physicians. CMS’s one-click functionality makes it possible to launch the BOSSnet application from the delivered result, as it is being viewed in the patient management software.