Are you up for the 1 Second Challenge?

Almost all BOSSnet sites have now upgraded to the latest version of BOSSnet which is delivering significant performance improvements for hospitals. With a combination of infrastructure upgrades and the latest version of BOSSnet some hospitals have consistently achieved average page load times of under 1 second.

“The right investment in infrastructure has such a significant impact on user experience”, said Dr Marc Belej, Executive Director, Core Medical Solutions. “Improving server and storage power leads directly to increased clinician satisfaction. Combining that with the faster JavaScript engines in the latest browser versions, and the efficiency gains in BOSSnet 162 delivers tremendous results. We have had overwhelming positive feedback from all hospitals that have upgraded to the latest version of BOSSnet which has been really pleasing”, said Dr Belej.

Q162 brought with it the most significant visual changes to BOSSnet in many years, with a fresh new modern user interface, new features, and mobile first responsive design being a key focus.  Hospitals have commented that the latest upgrade brings with it greater simplicity, improvements in performance and responsiveness.

“We actively encourage our hospitals to review their infrastructure regularly as sometimes really inexpensive upgrades can provide big gains for the clinical workforce. If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.  Our User Experience Monitoring Service provides rich metrics on how every aspect of BOSSnet is performing, for all users, and in realtime.  That’s how we can see what the average page load times are, and drill into exactly what might be holding the system back”, said Dr Belej.

If you would like to discuss with us how you can improve performance, reduce page load times and get the benefits for your clinicians, please contact us