CMS delivers eForms Training in Perth

Core Medical Solutions (CMS) recently delivered eForms training for staff at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth to learn the advanced concepts in the design of BOSSnet eForms. The training allowed participants to develop a deeper understanding of the BOSSnet eForms development environment which they can now apply to create complex eForms for use at their site.

“Participants were taught how to create effective eForms that are intuitive and easy to use”, said Sean Graham, Senior Development Manager, CMS. “The second day of eForms training went more into depth, where participants learnt complex features of creating eForms, such as the configuration of observation charts,” Sean mentioned.

The eForms training took place over 2 days, the first day consisted of the eForms Concepts and Simple Design training module while the second day consisted of the eForms Complex Design workshop where clients had more of a hands-on learning experience.

Both training sessions were received really well with training participants mentioning that they have learnt a lot more about the design features of BOSSnet eForms.

BOSSnet eForms training has been the most requested by clients this year due to the increasing demand and motivation for electronic documentation at our client sites.

For more information about eForms training, please contact Narelle Portakiewicz