Fremantle Hospital to Deploy BOSSnet

Core Medical Solutions (CMS) flagship platform BOSSnet will now serve the entire Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospital Group in Perth, WA following a decision by Fremantle Hospital to deploy BOSSnet eForms and BOSSnet Scanning later in the year.

Fiona Stanley Hospital was the first hospital in Western Australia to partner with CMS.   The successful deployment of the BOSSnet EMR there has paved the way for it to be extended to Fremantle Hospital which forms part of the South Metropolitan Health Service footprint, which serves a population of 648,000 people and covers an area of 3,300 square kilometres.  This also means that Core Medical Solutions now serves over 100 hospitals across Australia.

Patient transfers between Fiona Stanley Hospital and Fremantle Hospital are a daily occurrence and having BOSSnet installed at both sites creates instant and comprehensive access to the entire patient record.

“This is about improving the quality of patient care,” explained CMS Managing Director Dr Rohan Ward.  “It enables clinicians at both sites to work together more efficiently and effectively and without the delays and risks associated with copying, storing and retrieving paper records across both sites.”

Dr Ward stated that very often, patients are seen at one hospital campus in the outpatient setting, then electively admitted to the other campus.

“BOSSnet is allowing clinicians to access a universal view of a patient’s medical history and this is critical to the delivery of best practice healthcare,” added Dr. Ward.  “Clinicians who have been working across both sites have told us that it’s always a bit of a shock to return to a paper record.  It makes them realise just how much of a difference an electronic medical record makes on patient care and workload.”

Late last year, the BOSSnet state-wide record was deployed to 14 hospitals throughout the South West region of the Western Australian Country Health Service (WACHS). This successful deployment has paved the way for further implementations in WA including the Bunbury and Busselton hospitals.

“The expansion of BOSSnet across WA is a validation of its efficacy and usability in enabling clinicians to offer a better service to patients,” added Dr Ward.

“It is important that health services that cover a large area, using multiple sites, have access to a single source of truth in terms of a patient’s medical record,” explained Dr. Ward.

“The transition of hospitals from paper to electronic environments is rapidly increasing across Western Australia as well as other parts of Australia and BOSSnet is establishing a solid track record as a partner of choice in this industry.”