FSH integrate Medical Photographic System with BOSSnet

The Medical Illustration Department at Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) have achieved an innovative and efficient approach to sharing medical photographs amongst clinicians via Core Medical Solutions’ BOSSnet.

It is a first of its kind of integration, where all clinical photographs and videos are accessible to all clinicians across two campuses (Fiona Stanley Hospital and Fremantle Hospital) directly through BOSSnet.

Prior to the integration, the interim solution to provide clinical images or footage to clinical staff was on W: Drive to those that had access, or CD, and only once approved by the Director of Clinical Services and Head of Service. In addition, once images and videos were uploaded to a W: drive or on a CD, there was no way of tracking or having control over the photos and videos.

Since the integration of the Medical Photographic System (MPS), the two hospitals have experienced the following overall benefits:

  • All BOSSnet users have access to the MPS, allowing them to securely view all medical images relevant to a patient
  • Clinical staff across all working shifts have access to the MPS, increasing the efficiency of monitoring patients and wound management
  • All views and access to images are completely auditable
  • Images and videos are uploaded within 30 minutes from capture time, creating a prompt service

“Since the integration in BOSSnet, access to images and videos that we need for patients are easily accessible through BOSSnet” said Dr. Paul Mark, Director of Clinical Services at FSFHG. In addition to the many other benefits that the two hospitals have discovered since the integration, Dr. Mark also mentioned that the integration has significantly improved the clinical handover process, “we’re able to see the communicated images and videos between the hospitals, which has then potentially decreased patient transfers between the hospitals as well”.

A part from the clinicians and the Medical Illustrations department, the Health Information Managers (HIMs) have also gained the following benefits from the integration:

  • FSH has become completely digital – therefore there is no need to print out the clinical photographs and there also no need to manually scan them into the patient record, further cutting costs
  • HIMs and ward clerks are not required for additional filing of medical photographs
  • Medical photographic paper is no longer required at FSH
  • Unrestricted access to Clinical Coders has now allowed them to confirm that clinical photography has been delivered as part of the diagnostic services

The integration project was a success due to a huge team effort amongst vendors and the relevant departments at the hospitals. The integration has deemed to be well received with the following statistics:

  • An increase of 51 referrals of clinical images and video captures, in comparison to the same period and time last year
  • 6240 clinical images and videos have been viewed via the MPS on BOSSnet within a month from the launch date across both hospitals

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