My Health Record – the Opt-in trial experience at BHS

Ballarat Health Services (BHS) started uploading discharge summaries to the My Health Record (MyHR) through BOSSnet as part of a federally funded ‘opt-in’ trial last year.  The BHS trial ran in parallel with another opt-in trial in Western Australia, and there were also two opt-out trials undertaken in Northern Queensland and the NSW Blue Mountains.

The primary objective of the BHS opt-in trial was to test if the opt-in model offering assisted registration to admitted patients, would work in the hospital setting. To facilitate this objective, the Assisted Registration Tool (ART) was implemented in BOSSnet, enabling patients to be directly registered into BOSSnet using ART laptops, and have their BOSSnet discharge summaries uploaded to MyHR.

Upon conclusion of the trial at BHS, they deemed it successful in meeting their key objectives and deliverables. Following completion of all four federally funded trials, it was announced in the Federal Budget of 9 May 2017 that an ‘Opt-Out’ model will be adopted which will achieve the critical mass that is important to the success of MyHR.

The full BHS experience of the opt-in trial was recently published in the HIMAA Interchange Magazine. Refer to page 8