Western Health go-live with BOSSnet Messaging and MyHR Integration

It’s been a busy month for Western Health in Melbourne, as they have gone live with their “Gateway Project”. The Gateway project represents two key initiatives that enable Western Health to enhance communication and share information with My Health Record (MyHR) and local GPs.

The first initiative was to begin uploading documents to MyHR through Core Medical Solutions BOSSnet EMR. Western Health are able to track and manage patient consent to both read and contribute to MyHR, and can view MyHR within the BOSSnet EMR, allowing Western Health staff to utilise the MyHR as an external repository of patient record data within the normal patient management workflow. This integrated view of MyHR within BOSSnet provides an intuitive and easy to use workflow that encourages greater interaction by clinical staff with MyHR.

The second initiative of the project was to deploy BOSSnet Messaging, which is a Core Medical Solutions tool for secure health data exchange. BOSSnet Messaging allows for the secure exchange of information between hospitals and the community. Western Health are now sending a variety of document to local GPs, including:

  • Discharge summaries
  • Outpatient letters
  • Admission/Discharge/Death notifications
  • Pharmacy medication summary
  • Outpatient appointment notifications (referral acknowledgement and outcome, and outpatient appointments

“It’s fantastic that Western Health now join other BOSSnet sites that are uploading documents to MyHR”, said Dr Rohan Ward, Managing Director, Core Medical Solutions. “The many enhancements that are being made to the My Health Record are making this significant tool more and more useful to the Australian clinician and patient.  CMS is proud that BOSSnet sites have been early and significant contributors to the MyHR document repository.  With the additional implementation of BOSSnet Messaging, Western Health is now delivering significant additional, rapid data to referrers and the community.”